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Industrial Manufacturing

industrial manufacturing


It all started in Sainte-Rosalie in 1986 when a company called A. Boudreault Ventilation inc. (ABV) made a name for itself in a niche market with great potential: the manufacturing of dust-collection systems and general ventilation units.

At that time, Airex was ABV’s principal customer. Airex designed air quality systems such as bag, cartridge and shaker dust collectors, which ABV produced.

In 1989, ABV moved to Drummondville and built a 12,000 ft2 facility to address increased demands.

Since then, the plant has gone through three expansions to address increased production needs and add robotic equipment.

In the meantime, ABV and Airex merged to become a one company.

Today, the Airex Industries plant has diversified its production with new product lines such as wet dust collectors, industrial ovens and energy recovery units.

The manufacturing facility manages 350 projects annually with a 75-person workforce. Equipment built is sold across Canada, to the USA and overseas to foreign countries.

Flexible Customization

Technological Innovation


We innovate in all aspects of manufacturing. New products are invented, developed and marketed by addressing recurring problems found in industry.

R&D On The Go


Through research and development, the quality of Airex products is always on the move. As a result, manufactured systems feature increased reliability, exceptional safety and energy efficient designs that don’t compromise on performance.

Product Customization


The plant distinguishes itself by manufacturing custom-made products according to customer requirements. This concerted effort allows us to assure customers of optimal compatibility between their process and the proposed system.



Quality Guaranteed

Knowledgeable Workforce


Our staff at the Drummondville QC plant has developed specialized know-how in project implementation that meets or exceeds the industry standard for quality, performance and safety.

A large number of our members in the association have over 15 and even 20 years of experience.

Quality Control


Plant manufacturing procedures are governed by a quality control program that targets compliance to company standards which still remain unrivaled in industry.

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