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Airex Industries’ Joint Venture with Carrier Mausoleums Construction

Airex Industries’ Joint Venture with Carrier Mausoleums Construction

Airex Industries and Carrier Mausoleums Construction (CMC) have recently signed a new partnership that will allow us to demonstrate technology-enhanced capabilities in the art of incineration across the globe.

Since 1979, CMC has built a solid reputation in state-of-the-art mausoleum construction. In late 2013, CMC acquired Pyrox Energy, a manufacturer recognized in cremation retort construction to broaden their portfolio of products and services.

In the past, CMC and Airex Industries have often worked together on several large projects for the same customers. Aware that each are knowledgeable in their field of expertise and strive to offer professional work ethics, it comes as no surprise that our two firms invest in a joint venture to provide integrated customer-driven solutions.

A partnership between the two parties was signed October 1st 2015, giving birth to a new subsidiary company: Pyrox Industries.

Airex Industries offers expertise in air filtration, energy efficiency and manufacturing of industrial equipment while CMC provides know-how in crematory construction and access to a well-established broad-based sales network. This venture will no doubt revolutionize funeral industry and in particular cremation techniques as we look forward to the future.

The success of this venture should pave the way for years to come.


See Below: Some pictures of our latest cremation retorts in manufacturing process

Airex Industries’ Joint Venture with Carrier Mausoleums Construction
cremation retort
gas network of cremation retort
control system of human Cremators
blower of human Cremator

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