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Energy consumption: Put Your Systems on a Diet!

Christmas diner

With December comes the cold weather, holidays and above all, excess! To heck with budgets, diets, the gym... We give up our good habits for a month and pay the price in January! A few pounds too much or a few dollars less is not the end of the world, but when this laissez-faire approach is taken to the workplace, there are greater repercussions. Even if you can’t resist the temptations of the holiday season, you can still easily reduce energy consumption in your business. Find out how!

Recover energy to save money

When the mercury drops below zero, a company’s energy bills soar. Enemy number one: Heating. Whether it is chilling the work areas or the air used by industrial process, the cold makes the work that much more difficult. But there’s a simple solution: Heat recovery.

Heating the air only to release it back into the atmosphere is throwing money out the window (literally). Much less energy can be consumed if that hot air is recycled at the end of the process. The cost savings speak for themselves: one of our customers cut their annual bill by $88,680! At that rate, they will see a return on their investment in less than two years.

A simple change that can save you big!

As an example, let’s take a closer look at that project. In its operations, the company was using a rotary dryer powered by natural gas-heated ambient air. Installed outdoors, the dryer was incurring astronomical costs in winter.

To address this issue, our team fitted the dryer with an air recovery unit. Crossing hot and cold currents in the supply area reduced the burner’s energy consumption by 31%. This process is highly efficient, recycling between 50% and 90% of the generated heat.

Ultimately, the project reduced GHG emissions while also reducing the impact of seasonal changes on operating costs.

At the very energy-wise!

We won’t ask you to give up chocolate or Christmas cookies, but if you want to cut down somewhere during the holidays, do it on your electric or gas bill! The heat recovery concept can be adapted to several types of equipment, even your overall heating system. So you’ll have a clear least at work!

Would you like to reduce your company’s energy consumption? Our team has a wide variety of solutions for you! Contact us to save money and reduce your ecological footprint!


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Christmas diner

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