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Trickle Valve

trickle valve

Trickle valve provide a low cost, efficient, durable, means of controlling a dust collector’s discharge.

trickle valve is available in multiple sizes, use only one moving part, have no electrical connections, are easy to inspect, and can withstand abrasive materials.

How it Works

A hinged plate maintains the seal between the collector and the discharge. Once the accumulation of dust exceeds the vacuum pressure, the plate of the trickle valve releases and allows the material to flow via gravity.



Standard Characteristics

  • Standard sizes of 10'' & 15'';
  • Mild steel industrial construction;
  • Counter balanced plate;
  • Boltable access door;
  • External flange bearing
  • Inlet/outlet boltable flange


  • Stainless steel components;
  • Custom sizes available
  • Anti abrasive liner

Selection Criteria

  • Mass of discharged product
  • Operational temperature
  • Dust collector’s ∆P
  • Product discharge rate
  • Abrasiveness
  • Corrosiveness


  • All heavy minerals (100 lbs/pi³ and more)


  • Natural control of a dust collector’s discharge
  • Simple and efficient design
  • Low capital investment and maintenance costs
  • Ease of inspection even while in operation


trickle valve specifications

Model A B C D Weight
TR-10 x 10 10" 27" 12" 12" 166
TR-15 x 15 15" 36" 16" 17 ¼" 292

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