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Wet Dust Collector

Wetrex Series

wet dust collector

Let Us Worry About The Details While You Think About The Rest !

Airex is working on creating the next generation of wet dust collector.

Our experienced team of engineers have created a unit that is unsurpassed in quality and offers the highest efficiency rates in the industry.

The unique core and polypropylene impinger puts us way ahead of our competitors for maintenance and ease of operation.
Because our controls are simple and state-of-the-art, using our system is a breeze.


Eliminates sparks and fire risk
Deflectors force sparks into submerged water bath;

Meets OSHA and NFPA regulations;

Mist eliminator
Is supplied with washable filters;

Energy savings
Recirculates air (saves heat and cooling) by re-using filtered air volume instead of evacuating polluted air;

Plug and play simple systems which are pre-wired and pre-tested in our factory.

Filtration Efficiency - Primary Stage

wet filtration efficiency

Efficiency Exceeding All Expectations

  1. In order to achieve particle immersion, a turbulent water zone forces the particles into the water. The main baffle then ensures the particles are submerged and redirected to the basin.

  2. The air and water mixture is then forced through another series of baffles that help separate the clean air from the dirty water.

  3. Secondary mist eliminators drain out any water remaining in the air stream.

  4. The water returns to the storage bin where gravity forces the particles to settle. It is then reused during the sludge and debris removal stage.



Filtration Efficiency - Secondary Stage

Mist Eliminator

The core filter system incorporates different pad mesh mixes which optimize particle filtration.

Our unique impinger allows us to generate the optimal filtration efficiency for your particular application.

• Easy cleaning
• Multilayered
• Interchangeable
• Corrosive resistant
• Light weight
• Low pressure drop

mist eliminator


wet dust collector accessories

What is optional to some is essential to us

Our units include the following standards:

Airtight Basin Access Door
The sealed top access allows the Wetrex to operate under pressures of up to 16” H2O when other wet dust collectors are limited to 6” H2O.

Door Seal with full Gasket
Door sealing is made easier and seal life is extended.

Controlled ultrasonic sensor for water level monitoring and replacement of water evaporated by the process.

Overflow nipple
Allows water to drain in case of high water levels.

High / Low level  alarm
Water control with sensor to ensure basin is at optimal water level. Sensor protects a critical bypass failure or an overflow situation.

Optional features

Spray-Wash System
In environments where the filter can clog (e.g. in paper or textile industries), the addition of a spray nozzle system will reduce the need for filter cleaning if operation cannot be disrupted.

Removal of sludge using a pump and cyclone technology.

Hydrogen Power Vent
Independent blower to eliminate hydrogen gas build-up during down (off) time.

Water Treatment

hydrocyclone filtration system

How the Hydrocyclone Filtration System Works

  1. A centrifugal pump pushes contaminated water containing particles through a filtration circuit.

  2. A hydrocyclone separates 90% of the solid particles over 40 microns from the water using centrifugal force. Solids are then evacuated to a sedimentation tank.

  3. Thanks to an automated valve, the sedimentation tank is periodically drained to a waste water tank that recovers a large amount of mud.

  4. A distribution manifold returns water to the Wetrextm to prevent accumulation of solids at the bottom.

  5. The addition of a valve network allows the system to bypass the filter during component replacement and maintenance.

Available Water Filtration System Configuration Which Best Suits Your Needs

Option A - manual sludge removal
Designed for applications involving light dust loading, this option is ideal for those looking for a wet dust collector with low initial cost. Sludge must be removed manually from the basin as there is no filtration system offered. Basin cleaning is made easy thanks to the angled Wetrextm front access. The cleaning frequency depends on the amount of particles contained in the contaminated air.

Option B - hydrocyclone filtration system
The combination system is designed for moderate to heavy dust loads and applications requiring 24 hour continuous service. With this option, the collected material is pumped either continuously or intermittently through a water filtration system that relies on hydrocyclone technology.  Compared to the basic system, this type of system involves less frequent maintenance.

Optimal operating conditions
The majority of particles (50% and more) must be bigger that 40 microns to justify the use of a hydrocyclone.



Safe Working Environment

explosive dust collection

 Explosive dust collection waits for a spark in your workplace :

The dangers arising from dust collection are unfortunately not considered enough. Sadly the risk is real and when vigilance is omitted, serious incidents occur.

your Safety is our Priority

The WetrexTM  from Airex Industries is a high tech air filtration system which is best used in highly explosive, reactive dust (aluminum and titanium) and oil mist applications. This unit effectively separates dust particles by saturating the air stream with a water vortex while reducing the potential for an explosion.

This customizable, highly efficient, top quality industrial grade unit requires little maintenance. Its simplicity and high efficiency remain its two greatest advantages.

Our central point ducted wet collector offers high capacity, various volumes and the possibility of using a high pressure duct network, a feature many of our competitors do not have.

Some Tragedies Caused By Dust Explosion

1. Imperial Sugar Company
February 7 2008, Port Wentworth, GA; An unknown source ignited accumulated sugar dust, causing a violent explosion.

2. Hoeganaes Corporation
January 31 2011, Gallatin, TN; fatal flash fire from hydrogen or nitrogen leaking process pipe fueled by combustible iron dust.

3. Hayes Lemmerz International
October 29 2003, Huntington, IN; The company did not identify or control hazards of aluminium dust.

4. West Pharmaceutical Services
January 29 2003, Kingston, NC; accumulated polyethylene dust above the ceiling tiles fueled the explosion.

Wet Downdraft Table

wet downdraft table

The Wetrex™ Series Is At The Heart Of Many Other Products Like The WDDT™

Airex Industries has been working diligently to produce a self-contained workstation with an integral wet dust collector system.

This unit draws the dust directly into the water filter system, forcing the hazardous particles into a water bath before entering our upright mist elimination chamber and filters.

Our wet downdraft tables meet OSHA and NFPA standards for dust collectors located inside the building.

The series is available with one or two (back-to-back) work tables.

Available Features

Transparent sides
The plexiglass workstation enclosure provides containment.

Standard LED lighting
To assist users, all our work tables are equipped with standard light-emitting diodes.

Different materials are available depending on the application; steel, wood, fiberglass and aluminium.

Added environmental control
The optional regain air system enhances capture velocity by returning a portion of the clean, filtered air through an air curtain located across the top of the booth. This allows the dust to be pushed away from the worker’s breathing zone while it simultaneously pulls it into the open table grate.

Wet Booth

wet booth

The WETREX™ Series Is At The Heart Of Many Other Products Like The WBX™

Airex Industries has been working assiduously to produce a new booth for industrial applications.

This self-contained booth incorporates our wet dust collector, drawing the dust directly into the water filter system at the back of the booth, forcing the hazardous particles into a water bath before entering our upright mist elimination chamber and filters.

Our booths meet OSHA and NFPA standards for dust collectors located inside the building.

Available Features

To assist users, all our booths are equipped with fluorescent ballasts. Standard light-emitting diodes can also be an option.

The series is available in multiple sizes. 16 gauge galvanized steel with acoustical panel siding is standard.

Filters and baffle core are accessible from the inside the booth,  which allows for easy maintenance and saves floor space.

Added environmental control
The optional regain air system enhances capture velocity by returning a portion of the clean, filtered air, through an air curtain located across the top of the booth. This allows the dust to be pushed away  from the worker’s breathing zone while it is simultaneously pushing it across the booth to the rear intakes.





wet dust collector specifications

Wetrex™ Model Comparison

Model Air capacity (CFM) A
Entry (mm-in) Water capacity (liter-gal) Shipping weight (kg-lbs) Operation weight (kg-lbs)
Wetrex-01 1000 762-30 610-24 1804-71 1220-48 204-8 325-86 418-920 742-1636
Wetrex-02 2500 762-30 762-30 1728-68 1372-54 254-10 443-117 454-1000 896-1975
Wetrex-04 4000 102-40 1270-50 2058-81 1830-72 356-14 795-210 810-1785 1603-3534
Wetrex-06 6000 1118-44 1524-60 2185-86 2083-82 407-16 1135-300 1348-2970 2481-5469
Wetrex-08 8000 1524-60 1830-72 2490-98 2488-94 508-20 1764-466 1554-3425 3314-7307
Wetrex-10 10000 1524-60 1830-72 2490-98 2488-94 508-20 1764-466 1554-3425 3314-7307

Wet Downdraft Table
Model Comparison

Model CFM Table(s)
Kw - HP
WDDT-3-1 2500 1x - 30''x36'' 3.7 - 5
WDDT-3-2 2500 2x - 30''x36'' 3.7 - 5
WDDT-4-1 4000 1x - 30''x48'' 5.6 - 7,5
WDDT-4-2 4000 2x - 30''x48'' 5.6 - 7,5
WDDT-6-1 6000 1x - 30''x72'' 11 - 15
WDDT-6-2 6000 2x - 30''x72'' 11 - 15

Wet Booth
Model Comparison

Model CFM Booth
Kw - HP
WBX-06 6000 8' x 8' 1 x 11 - 15
WBX-12 12000 16' x 8' 2 x 11 - 15
WBX-18 18000 24' x 8' 3 x 11 - 15
WBX-24 24000 32' x 8' 4 x 11 - 15
WBX-30 30000 40' x 8' 5 x 11 - 15
WBX-36 36000 48' x 8' 6 x 11 - 15
WBX-42 42000 56' x 8' 7 x 11 - 15
WBX-48 48000 64' x 8' 8 x 11 - 15
WBX-54 54000 72' x 8' 9 x 11 - 15
WBX-60 60000 80' x 8' 10 x 11 - 15

Standard Characteristics & Optional Features

Standard characteristics WetrexTM Series WBXTM Series - wet environmental booth WDDTTM Series - wet downdraft table
12 gauge construction x    
16 gauge construction   x x
Standard magnehelic gauge x x x
Led / light kit   x x
Front access core baffle x x x
Steel grates     x
Transparent side windows     x
Removable inspection doors x x x
Ultrasonic water level sensor x x x
Water level control panel (prewired) x x x
Electronic water level display x x x
On / off magnetic motor starter & thermal overload panel x x x
Direct drive non overloading blowers x x x
Easy sloped clean out x x x
Manual cleaning trap x x x
Drain x x x
Lifting lugs x x x
High efficiency mist eliminator x x x


Optional features WetrexTM Series WBXTM Series - wet environmental booth WDDTTM Series - wet downdraft table
Stainless steel construction x x x
Custom paint x x x
Fiberglass grates     x
Aluminum grates     x
Wood grates     x
High / low level alarm x x x
Explosion proof motor x x x
HEPA Secondary filters x x x
Spray wash system x x x
Power vent or barometric damper x x x
Sound insulation   x  
Class 1, Div. 2 lighting & controls   x x
Regain air curtain and damper   x x
Crane slot   x x
Hydrocyclone sludge removal system x x x

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