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Air Shower

Dashx Series

air shower

Ultimate Solution For Safe Decontamination

A great many people working in industrial companies are exposed to various airborne contaminants. When leaving their stations, those workers must inevitably dust off before moving to a clean area. As such, they will undergo a decontamination process between every break and shift change; otherwise they would contaminate the rest areas, meal areas and change rooms.

The DASHX series air shower developed by Airex Industries provides workers with the ability to clean themselves independently, quickly and efficiently. Also, this booth is able to capture even the finest particulates during the dust-removal cycle. The particulates are then eliminated from the work environment rather than just moved.

Main Advantages

This air shower has several noteworthy technical features:

High-performance unit
The high number of air changes within the compartment ensures unparalleled performance.

Compliance with the standards
The air shower is designed to meet the OSHA and CSA prescriptive requirements.

Filtration efficiency
The MERV 16 filter cartridges and the HEPA filter make this unit extremely safe.

Filtration Principle

filtration principle

Air Shower Operation

Once inside the air shower, the worker presses the unit’s start button. Once in action, the orbital nozzles jet a safe, high-velocity airstream to dislodge the embedded dust from the worker. The particles are then drawn through the screen located on the floor level and then directed to the primary filter section consisting of MERV 16 filter cartridges. The vast majority of the dust is collected in this compartment. The residual fine particulates that pass through the filter cartridges are directed to the secondary filter section, where they are intercepted by a HEPA-type filtration media. That purified air is then moved by the blower to again be jetted through the orbital nozzles.

At any time, the cleaning sequence can be stopped by pressing an emergency button. One is accessible inside the booth, and one is accessible outside of it.

Filtration Efficiency

Primary filter section
This compartment contains three 8-oz spun bond MERV 16 filter cartridges with PTFE coating. This type of filtration media has a filtration efficiency of 99.4% @ 0.08 microns. This section is also equipped with a 70-PSI pulsed air jet unclogging system that maintains the airflow within the machine.  The filter-cleaning is managed manually using a push-button on the control panel. A manometer indicating the differential pressure of the filters enables the worker to determine whether the air shower requires unclogging.

Secondary filter section
A second filtration area equipped with a HEPA-type glass microfibre media ensures the users’ health and safety. The residual fine dust is therefore collected by the secondary filter, which has a filtration efficiency of 99.97% @ 0.3 microns.




technical specifications

Overall dimensions (rounded) 82” x 57” x 101”
Interior booth dimensions 56” x 47” x 83”
Weight 2,550 lb (approx.)
Construction 12-gauges
Dust drawer capacity 2.3 pi3
Doors Stainless steel glass
Overhead light LED 120 Volts
Nozzle Type Adjustable stainless steel
Nozzle outlet velocity (FPM) 16,000

Type Backward inclined wheel
Airflow (CFM) 1,000
Motor (HP) 7.5
Available Voltage 600/460/230 (3/60)
Noise level (dB) 16

Primary filter section - Cartridges
Dimensions 26” h x 12 ¾”ø
Number of pleats 130
Pleat depth 2”
Total filtering area 94 pi2
Medium composition 8 oz spun bond + PTFE
Efficiency 99.4% @ 0.08 microns
Unclogging Manual - Reverse air pulse
Air tank pressure 70 PSI


Secondary filter section - HEPA
Dimensions 24” x 24”x 12”
Maximum flow rate without efficiency loss (PCM) 2,000
Medium composition Microfiber glass
Efficiency 99.97 % @ 0.3 microns

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