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HEPA Air-Purification Cabinet

hepa cabinet

A versatile filtration device that can adapt to all circumstances

The HEPA air-purification cabinet is designed to extract smoke, dust, odours, microbes and any other type of airborne contaminant. This portable, versatile device is easy to integrate into your work environment without requiring the involvement of a professional.

With its high-efficiency multi-stage filtration design, the HEPA air-purification cabinet is an excellent solution for supplementing the existing ventilation system. The unit reduces the risk of contamination within the space where it is installed, thereby protecting the health and safety of the people in their workplace.

 This device is ideal for professionals who tend patients in a context where physical distancing is impossible.

Main advantages

Filtration efficiency
The cabinet delivers a maximum output of 595 m3 per hour (350 CFM) of purified air and has an efficiency of 99.7% at 0.3 µm using a HEPA filter. The unit can be modified with an ULPA filter to achieve 99.9995% efficiency at 0.12 µm.

Versatile use
Different usage configurations are possible, such as at-source extraction, ambient-air filtration in recirculation mode, or creation of a negative- or positive-pressure isolation chamber.

Advanced multi-stage filtration
The multi-level filtration design preserves the service life of the HEPA micro-folded filter

Filtration principle

filtration technology

Advanced multi-stage filtration

The HEPA air-purification cabinet is equipped with filtration technology for decontaminating the ambient air through three separate filtration stages that, when combined, puts out purified air of equivalent quality to an industrial filtration system.

When contaminated air enters the cabinet, large particles are first extracted by the pre-filter. The air is then directed to the HEPA filter, which intercepts the remaining fine particles. Finally, just before reaching the unit’s outlet, the activated carbon filter absorbs odours, smoke and other types of chemical pollutants in the air stream.



Usage contexts

at source extraction

At-source extraction

 Adding an extraction arm provides the ability to filter out contaminants at the source before they enter the environment. This configuration type is especially valued by dentists, whose work generates aerosols from body fluids.

ambient air extraction

Ambient-air extraction

Public areas such as waiting rooms and stores are places conducive to the spread of microbes and viruses with high epidemic potential. This is where the unit’s ambient-air filtration in recirculation mode really comes into its own.

isolation chamber

Isolation chamber

The HEPA air-purification unit is entirely appropriate when it’s necessary to confine a patient in a hospital setting, when that patient is infected with a contagious disease. The unit can remove the air from the patient’s room to the outside in order to create negative pressure. Likewise, when a patient is immuno-deficient, the reverse process can be applied by converting the room to positive pressure through the air supply generated with the device.

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