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Portable Unit

PDC Series

portable dust collector

The portable dust collector can be used in applications where a fixed station is not appropriate.

The portable dust collector are suitable for most types of dust and air contaminants ranging from large amounts of coarse dust and chips to medium amounts of mixed dust with large shavings or even lighter amounts of fine dust. These units feature a top mounted arm capable of doing a 360-degree rotation for collecting particles, provide an efficient alternative to expensive general ventilation and can remove contaminants in almost any shop environment.

portable dust collector

How it Works

With the aid of a self-supporting capture arm, airborne particulates are removed from the worker’s breathing zone. An automatic cleaning system, using compressed air that is blown through the filter in the reverse direction, dislodges smoke and dust from the filter cartridge. The solid pollutants are then collected in a dust drawer and manually emptied periodically. The self-cleaning system can be activated manually or automatically (available option), maintaining (preserving/sustaining/conserving/keeping/upholding) the unit’s performance without excessive maintenance.

Two models of portable dust collector are available, offering you a variety of volumes.

Territory served


Standard Characteristics

  • TEFC Motor
  • Aluminum Backward Inclined Blower type
  • Compressed air cleaning system
  • Capture arm
  • Cartridge type filtering system
  • 16 gauge steel construction
  • Dust drawer
  • High quality powder coated paint


  • Capture arm
  • Capture arm length
  • HEPA security filter
  • Odour control carbon filter
  • Light kit
  • Large diameter hood
  • Minihelic gauge
  • Pressure gauge


  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile/mobile
  • Complies with Clean Air Regulations
  • High Efficiency Filtration 99% @ 1 micron
  • Large casters for ease of movement
  • Top mounted arm for 360 degree rotation
  • Self Cleaning Reverse Pulse System


Model PDC-1 PDC-3
CFM 1250 @ 0" / 700 @ Hood 1800 @ 0"/ 1200 @ Hood
Face velocity 2600 3500
motor 1 HP 120V/1/60 3 HP 230/460/575
Blower type Aluminium BI Aluminium BI
Noise level 69 Db @ 3 72 DB @ 3
Cleaning system Compressed air Compressed air
Size 36 x 30 x 48 48 x 38 x 38
Weight 200 lbs 275 lbs
Capture arm 6" dia. 10’-0" 8" dia. 10’-0"
Filters Cartridge Cartridge
Construction 16-18 g. Steel 16-18 g. Steel
Dust drawer 2.5 Gallons 6.5 Gallons

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