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Airex Is Still Here, Even At A Distance

Engineering expert available at distance by.teleworking

As we live through this exceptional public health crisis, most production sites are closed. Although these confinement measures are vital to the health and safety of employees, this situation has forced us to be creative in order to maintain our activities. Within this spirit, our experts continue to be here for you in these difficult times.

Ready to help in all circumstances

Did you know? Airex has made its IT systems completely virtual over the last few years. Our experts can therefore access 100% of our technological resources from home. This investment has fulfilled one of our priorities: providing excellent customer service. Today it enables us to protect our experts by allowing them to work from home.

As experts in the dust collection industry, our engineers and project managers make all the difference at Airex. These highly-experienced experts are ready to help you in the design, validation or assessment of your systems, even at a distance.

Plan for the post-pandemic now

Although industrial worksites are currently shut down, several plants and buildings will still need to be constructed over the coming months. By focusing on design plans and collaborating today, we will be ready when the time comes.

At a distance, our experts can: 

  • Check the compliance of your dust collection system if you are expanding or increasing production at your plant.
  • Design from A to Z the dust collection system for a new building.
  • Optimize the energy efficiency of your dust collection system to reduce operational costs and opt for a greener system.
  • Respond to requests for proposals without delay in order to accelerate the design phase. 
  • Validate the plans already designed for the dust collection system in new constructions.
  • Provide our assessment for the upgrading or replacement of a dust collection system. 
  • Answer your questions regarding already-published bids.

Regardless of the type of plant or building, our team remains on duty, ready to support you. Together, let’s transform these difficult times into an opportunity to prepare for the future for an effective and optimal recovery at your worksites.

Would you like to call on our experts? We would be happy to help you.


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Engineering expert available at distance by.teleworking

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